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Organization on Your Resolution List? Easy Garage Hacks Will Help

January 25, 2018

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Often topping the list of New Year’s resolutions is organization… organizing your closet, your kitchen, your personal life… and your garage. That’s a great area where a little bit of straightening and planning can improve your quality of life, making things easier to find, creating more room and making it more appealing to look at every time you walk through. Added benefits: you’ll be reducing potential safety hazards and might find some things you’d forgotten you ever owned!  Here are some tips from the experts at HouseLogic:

  1. As you’ve likely experienced, your garage tends to become a catch-all for tools, holiday décor and all nature of superfluous things that need stored.  In order to reduce the rummage bin look, try organizing these items off of the floor. Install shelving systems and then use clear stackable bins to organize your things.  Use the space underneath the shelves to store larger items like a shop vac or red wagon.
  2. If you’re not using clear storage containers, try color-coordinating your storage bins to systemize how you’re storing things.  Not only is this helpful in terms of organization but you can have some fun and create an appealing look. Jazz it up with decorative labels affixed to your colorful bins.
  3. Use some of the floor space under your new shelving units for rolling storage. Consider dedicating carts to store certain categories of things… a cart for yardwork, a cart for camping, a cart for outdoor entertaining. This will keep your things neatly arranged and they will be conveniently ready for you to roll outside or to your vehicle when you’re ready to use them.
  4. Cover your walls with pegboards.  Pegboard is a great way to contain and organize otherwise loose and seemingly random items such as tools and yard implements.  All you need to do is hang pegboard on your otherwise empty walls and then install hooks.  You can organize your tools by size, shape, or category and take advantage of that otherwise wasted space!
  5. Take a stylish approach to your organization.  While the garage might not be the first place you think of expressing your style, think of the potential for symmetry, shape and color… having a stylish approach to your garage storage and workspaces might inspire to help you keep them neat and looking nice.
  6. Designate zones and store items by their function.  This creates an easy way to systemically sort through and to later find your stuff.

Taking advantage of your garage space by using the walls, shelving and under shelving area will help you get the most out of your garage. Not only will you enjoy the organization but you might even have room to park your car!


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Tagged as: Home Maintenance

Categories: The Guide  

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