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Nine “Must Haves” For Every New Homeowner What to Know

June 29, 2016

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New to homeownership and the responsibilities that come with it?  Grab these items, compiled by houselogic, and you’ll be ready for every surprise scenario that can pop up with homeownership!

1.   Wet-Dry Vacuum — aka, a Shop-Vac.  If you find a heavy duty Shop-Vac it will be equipped to handle all matter of challenges, from paint to small landscaping pebbles to sucking up any errant water from a plumbing mishap.  While this will come in handy to clean up household spills, it will serve dual purpose when you need to vacuum the car or painlessly clean your garage. 

2.   Fire Extinguisher — you never know when the need might arise so better to be safe than sorry. Whether something goes awry in the kitchen or a candle brushes against a curtain, a potential fire is a situation that you want to be able to address swiftly and efficiently.  Consult the U.S. Fire Administration’s guide prior to purchase.  It might come as a surprise but there are five different types of fire extinguishers designed for different purposes (cooking oil vs. paper, for example).  Make sure you’re buying the appropriate fire extinguisher to keep you and your new home safe. 

3.   Extension Cord Organizer — you will be amazed at home many extension cords you will accumulate in your new home and how quickly they will form a tangled mess. Investing in some cord organizers can save you time and hassle when you need to grab a cord for holiday decorations or to set up a new lamp.  If you’re handy and would rather build your own, utilize a pegboard with hooks to hang the cords and use some Velcro ties to secure them in individual loops.  Also be mindful of the type of extension cords you’re using, is it outdoor appropriate if that’s how you plan on using it?

4.   Tools — in addition to just the basics like drills, screwdrivers, hammers, level, tape measure, pliers and wrench (all of those definitely qualify as “must haves”!) you might want to consider adding to your collection so it’s easier to do some necessary things around your new home.  A stud finder will allow you to easily identify studs without putting unnecessary holes in your walls should you need to hang any heavy units such as shelving.  A hand saw (the less expensive alternative to a power saw) will allow you to achieve nice smooth edges on any DIY endeavors.  A ratchet set gives you easy access to all the bolts in your new home, whether they need tightened or loosened.  This will help in hard-to-reach areas where a wrench is not a natural fit.  A pry bar with a clawed end and a flat end will assist pulling up any nails, removing trip or separating any tiles (in a new construction home this shouldn’t be an issue!).

5.   Tool kit — this will be a logical place to store the above-mentioned tools and allow for easy transportation around the house.  You can even put a tool bucket liner in an old 5-gallon bucket and it will fit the bill!

6.   Headlamp — if you’re attempting a project by yourself you might quickly discover that it can be hard to hold a flashlight and accomplish what you need to. You really need both hands available and don’t want to risk any dental bills holding the flashlight in your mouth.  Buying an inexpensive headlamp can be the perfect answer, shine light where you need to and work unencumbered.

7.   Emergency Preparedness Kit — this is an important part of any household but especially a good idea living in Hurricane country! Check the FEMA website for a list of supplies you should include.  The basic kit should contain cash, food, water, medications, batteries, a flashlight, first aid supplies, matches, a sleeping bag & a dry change of clothing.  It is ideal to be prepared for all members of your household (human and four-legged) for 72 hours. 

8.   Ladders — a safe ladder can help you with an abundance of household tasks, from hanging pictures to changing lightbulbs to completing minor repairs.  Be sure to assess how high you might potentially need to go and factor that in when purchasing your ladder.  Also check the safety rating to make sure it has the weight capacity to support you and whatever you might be carrying up with you like tools and paint cans.  

Do you have this list covered but still need the new home to put all of these things to good use? Use The Guide’s handy search features to find your new home.  The great news with new construction is that home maintenance required from you will be at a minimum, allowing you more time to enjoy life and do the things you love!


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Tagged as: Home Buying Info

Categories: The Guide  

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