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What’s The Purpose of a Model Home when New Home Shopping?

March 25, 2016

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When you’ve decided to start shopping for a new home it’s a process… you’ll most likely start your search on the internet getting a broad view of the options that are available and getting a feel for what you like and where you would like to be.  You’ll most likely engage the help of a Realtor to aid in your search & the negotiation process, as well as a Mortgage Lender to help you figure out home much you’re qualified to spend.  Once you have the basics figured out (like your budget and a general idea of area in which you’re looking) it’s a good time to start a list of communities you’d like to visit. Be sure to include some that might not seem exactly like what you’re looking for, you might be surprised at what you find there and it’s good to consider all of your options!  It’s also just as helpful to figure out the things that you don’t like as much as the things that you do.

john wieland model home dunes west mt pleasant sc

Once you start visiting communities you’ll find that most builders have model homes for you to tour.  A model home is, simply put, a “sample home” that displays a builder’s creativity and craftsmanship. Models are built with the sole purpose of demonstrating to potential home buyers how a builder’s houses will look, feel, flow and function, while using the latest homebuilding techniques, products and features. Builders have access to an extensive list of options and upgrades, which are frequently included in models so that buyers have the ability to see the many possibilities.

Why is a Model Home Helpful?

Just like you test-drive a car before you buy it, a model home is important to the buying process, because it allows you to physically see, demonstrate and “test-drive” the home before committing to purchasing it. Touring model homes is extremely educational and can also be a lot of fun. Because these models showcase a builder’s originality and workmanship, you are able to see how homes are constructed, why particular features are included and how a floor plan can be tailored to fit your needs. A model is also an ideal way for a builder to present or introduce the company’s newest features and product options, as well as the most recently developed building techniques.

How Can You Make the Most of Your Model Visit?

When you arrive at a model home, be sure to have a notepad, so you can note the features commonly seen in most models, as well as what is unique. What do you like? What don’t you like? What features do you absolutely need in a home? How is the curb appeal? Be sure to walk completely around the house, both inside and out, including closets, utility areas, and the backyard.

Ask the builder’s agent to take you on a guided tour. As you go from room to room, study each individual space, and never hesitate to ask questions, especially about the builder’s résumé. Have the agent point out the features unique to the home, and be sure you understand which are standard and which are upgrades/options—especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Ask about energy efficiency and each of the features that contribute to it. It would also be helpful to ask is what options and upgrade combinations other buyers have chosen and/or what works well together. Be sure to let the agent know if you have any special needs that must be met, because model options don’t always demonstrate all that a builder can do to accommodate home buyers.

bowman park townhome rendering calatlantic mt pleasant sc

If you’ve decided that you’re in the market for a low-maintenance townhome, here is a great list of new models in 2016 to visit:

Berkeley County
Daniel Island
Planned for later 2016, CalAtlantic Homes will be building townhomes at Governors Cay off Clements Ferry Rd.

Dorchester County
Hunter Quinn Homes is building energy-efficient townhomes at Oakbrook Park in Ladson.

Charleston County
Mt. Pleasant
CalAtlantic Homes’ Bowman Park Townhomes in Old Mt. Pleasant will feature The Fenwick.

West Ashley
Planned for later 2016, CalAtlantic Homes will be building townhomes at Grand Bees Terrace in West Ashley.


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Tagged as: Home Buying Process

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