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How to Have The Perfect Thanksgiving Kitchen

November 24, 2016

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new home kitchen with thanksgiving decorations

The kitchen has long been the focal point of a home during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Families and friends gather to give thanks, share a meal and enjoy football and parades.  The kitchen is where people congregate as food is prepared and stories are told; it is the central hub of activity.  If you’re shopping for a new construction home you can ensure that you get the ideal kitchen space that is perfectly designed for you and your loved ones during the holiday season.  You’ll find a great variety of choices when you start perusing your builder’s design options… it can be a challenge to ascertain what counters, appliances and design features would be just right for you.  The kitchen is often a key area in the home to invest a sizable portion of your design budget, ensuring high quality fixtures and the optimal layout.   It may help you to keep several things in mind when considering floorplans and selecting design options for your new kitchen.

Two important factors that become particularly relevant around the holidays are storage and counter space. Counters should be able to withstand heavy use and high volume.  Here are pros and cons of several popular choices that you’ll see builders offering:

  • Granite, seen in many Lowcountry new construction kitchens, this popular choice can be a bit expensive but is easy to clean and is mostly heat & scratch resistant. You’ll also have a diverse selection of colors and patterns available.  Overall, granite is a relatively low-maintenance option that only requires occasional sealing.
  • Laminate, while less expensive than granite, may not prove to be heat or scratch resistant and rather than having the ability to repair select areas, may require complete replacement.  That being said, there is a great selection of designs and colors and many laminate materials do hold up well to wear.
  • Solid surface (often referred to by brand name Corian) is a manufactured combination of acrylic, polyester resin & marble dust.  While less expensive than granite it is prone to scratching and burning, though scratches are easy to sand out.  Solid surface is available in a diverse array of styles and colors. It is nonporous so it does not require any special sealers or cleaners. 

It is often said that it is impossible to have too much storage.  If you host a big gathering for Thanksgiving you will need ample storage space to accommodate the food you will feed your guests.

  • Having a thoughtfully designed pantry is a huge asset in a kitchen.  This will allow you to stock up on non-perishable items and potentially buy in bulk, as well as providing a place to store small appliances, bake ware and other things you might not access on a daily basis.
  • You will find a wide array of cabinet sizes, styles and finishes available to you.  Make sure your cabinet layout utilizes space to its fullest potential.  Options such as a Lazy Susan may allow you to better utilize corner space & provide easier access to those hard-to-reach recesses.    When considering center islands be sure to factor in for the potential additional cabinets space there!
  • Drawers also offer a great storage option, chances are you can never have too many. Consider incorporating a variety of width’s and depths.  There is a great array of built-in options that may help keep you organized and improve functionality. 

Keep these elements in mind and you’re sure to have the functional, organized (and stylish!) kitchen that you need to pull off the perfect Thanksgiving.  In the process of shopping for your new home?  Use The Guide’s online search features to look for the size and style of new home you want, exactly where you want it.


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Tagged as: Housing Trends

Categories: The Guide  

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