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New NFC enabled Charleston New Homes Guide Neighborhood Network

November 06, 2018

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Welcome to the Neighborhood!

The Charleston New Homes Guide is pleased to introduce, The Charleston New Homes Guide Neighborhood Network! Coming January 2019, Charleston New Homes Guide will launch our new NFC enabled Neighborhood Network!

Our new NFC enabled program is designed to greet visitors with a warm welcome when they knock and keep builders, new home buyers and Realtors® connected across all of our Charleston New Home Neighborhoods via NFC enabled smartphones.

NFC is a short-range wireless technology that allows users like home buyers and Realtors immediate access to information by tapping our window decals with their NFC enabled smartphones. It is a simple way to connect the physical and digital worlds. Making information readily available, mobile and items “smart” to connect consumers with area builder materials when they can't.
NFC Neighborhood Network Tap GO Logo

NFC technology is being used for many daily activities like keyless entry, ticketing and payment across many industries and is now gaining traction in new homes.

We're excited to expand on these use cases and have you join us as Charleston New Homes Guide continues to innovate, and distribute our NFC enabled window decals to doors, magazine boxes and model homes around Charleston for our new home builders. These decals allow us to distribute real time new neighborhood and new home information including floor plans, available homes and on-site agent contact information to visitors when agents can't.  No need to worry when they’re not "at home" … we've got you covered!

NFC Sample Page Neighborhood Network

Visitors can simply "tap" our NFC enabled window decals and receive the information and details they need.
With Charleston, New Homes Guide NFC enabled Neighborhood Network visitors are only a TAP away from the information they need to make a move!

We are also expanding these NFC capabilities to create our new Charleston New Homes Guide Digital Distribution program. This program will allow us to provide all of our timely research and new home builder resources digitally at distribution points around the greater Charleston area, expanding these from Real Estate offices and grocery stores to include vendors, hotels, restaurants and other major tourist locations and points of interest. This will allow visitors to our area to quickly collect mobile new home neighborhood information when searching relocation opportunities to our region.
Neighborhood Network NFC Cling

Want to learn more about our NFC Neighborhood Network?  
Let us know, we’re happy to show you how easy it is.

Looking for a new home has never been this easy! TAP GO


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Tagged as: Home Buying Info

Categories: The Guide  Tools  

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