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Should I have my new construction home inspected by a home inspector before closing?

August 08, 2016

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Few things in life are perfect. When buying a new home, many of us expect that it will be mistake free, shiny bright and precisely the way we want it. While the majority of new home builders deliver quality products and build homes that that have few, if any, issues, there are ways to help ensure that you have as few issues as possible.


New home inspections give you peace of mind

Getting a new home inspection at several points during the construction process can help catch undetected items which might lead to later problems. The peace of mind and extra assurance that the home is up to standards is worth it.


Home inspections recommended for all new homes

According to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), “Even new homes have defects that only a professional can detect.” The organization encourages homebuyers to consider an inspection at the following times:

  • Prior to foundation pour
  • Prior to insulation and drywall
  • Prior to the final walkthrough


Negotiate a new home inspection process into your contract

When you are in the negotiation process with your builder, ask them if you can bring in an outside inspector at the construction milestones recommended by ASHI. 
Some builders do not want outside people onsite because they worry that there might be accidents or that outside inspections will invalidate the home warranty that is included with your purchase. Ask your Buyer’s Agent RealtorⓇ for their lead and assistance in getting this included in your contract.
Sure, the county building inspector will inspect the home at the appropriate stages, but having another set of eyes reviewing the work of all the subcontractors’ might catch issues which will smooth the building codes official’s inspection.
Your Realtor will have a list of licensed inspectors in your area who have the added knowledge to inspect a new construction home. It is critical that you use an inspector who has this specific knowledge due to the complexity of codes and added knowledge required of new home building.
Expect that you will be paying out of pocket for the inspections. Your inspector is looking not just for things which meet code, but which are not done to the best professional standards. Building codes are minimal standards. Fortunately, many home builders exceed minimal standards. It never hurts to have an extra set of eyes review your new home.


What the inspector is looking for

Inspections which happen before the foundation pour will provide assurance of sound foundation construction.
Inspections that occur before drywall are looking for code violations, catching them now will save headaches in the future. Your licensed home inspector will review the electrical, plumbing and structure before drywall installation.
A home inspector’s review of the home prior to your final walkthrough will help smooth out any final issues with finishes and systems for you prior to closing.
If you are purchasing an inventory home, one that is brand new, and ready for move-in, you are still wise to have an outside inspector look the home over from top to bottom. Again, seek your Realtor’s assistance to negotiate this option (at your expense) into the contract.


Sleep tight and with assurance in your new home

Extra peace of mind allows you to finalize the purchase of your home knowing that every effort has been made to ensure your home is an exceptional place where you and yours will spend many happy years.


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Tagged as: Home Buying Process

Categories: The Guide  

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