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Four Easy Fool-Proof DIY Outdoor Upgrades

June 22, 2016

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It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy your new yard. Create the perfect DIY outdoor space with these four brilliant yard upgrades by houselogic that are fully klutz-proof and require no green thumb or home improvement experience!

1.   “No-Blow” Outdoor Curtains 
Curtains, or anything fabric can easily fall prey to the outdoor elements, being whipped about by the wind and wreaking havoc on anything within their reach, glasses and unsuspecting humans included. If you want the look of outdoor curtains to add a splash of color, block the sun or create some privacy but want them to be of a more stationary variety, try clipping something similar to a conduit pipes through the tabs at the top of the curtain and at the bottom hem.  Secure the pipes with wires (aiming to have the wires taut but not tight to the point of creating tension).  For easier maintenance pick a sturdy fabric that will weather well, for instance a marine fabric might be more durable in the long run than the typical “outdoor” fabric. 

2.   Shutter Privacy Fence
Fencing a yard can be an expensive investment and homeowners associations often closely regulate the type of fencing, where it’s installed and the height.  Keep an eye out for some discarded shutters, Habitat Humanity might be a great place to check.  Shutters are typically relatively tall and can be easily attached to posts and don’t weigh too much.  The vents allow for air flow which is an added benefit.  Nail the shutters to four-by-fours that are cemented into the ground (this may sound daunting but you can pick up a no-hassle bag of pre-mixed cement at any home improvement sotre) and pick a paint or stain color of your choice that either blends in with foliage or stands out to complement the rest of your outdoor decoration.  The great aspect of this DIY fence is it is more of a decorative element and can be strategically installed in select locations to provide privacy or shade and doesn’t need to span a full parameter like a traditional fence. 

3.   PVC Pipe Pergola 
PVC can create the same concept as a traditional wooden pergola but is an easier material to handle.  Piece the PVC together and consider a hammered metallic outdoor spray paint for a more expensive and tasteful finish.  Add some lighting, maybe Mason-jars or more industrial looking Edson bulb-style lights that can be attached with heavy duty zip ties.  While this is an easy project to piece together, recruit several extra sets of hands to help hold things in place during the construction process and while securing lights. Want to make it blend in more naturally with the greenery in your yard? Here’s a list of great creeping vines, plant them now and they that reach great height by the end of the season!

4.   Solar Light Hose Guards
Hoses can do a number on a freshly planted flower bed… you’re busy watering a well-maintained area of grass and turn around that the hose you pulled across your lawn plowed over a bed of flowers in its wake.  Create a simple hose guard to prevent this mishap.  Use rebar to stake down simple inexpensive solar lights.  The plastic stakes that come with the lights aren’t very strong so ditch remove those and instead, hammer a 21-inch piece of rebar into the ground.  Slip a solar light over each piece.  The end result will be dual-fold: you will have a way to effectively route your hose and protect spaces and you’ll also have nice low-maintenance eco-friendly lighting.   

These tips are great if you have a yard of your own that you’re willing to invest some time and sweat equity in.  Still shopping for a dream home and yard of your very own? The Guide is here to help!  Use our easy search functionality to find a new construction home that will be perfect for you.  Search by geographic area, price point, builder, home type (single family vs. condo, etc) and lifestyle (looking for 55+ and better? A golf community?) to find the perfect fit for you.


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Tagged as: Design Tips

Categories: The Guide  

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