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Beginner’s Guide to New Home Maintenance: Part Two, Outside the Home

May 23, 2016

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In last week’s blog we discussed interior home maintenance. Even though your new construction home is designed to be low-maintenance, there are some inexpensive easy things you can do to help maintain your home, ensuring that it is operating at peak performance and protecting your investment.  This blog will focus on some exterior tips from the National Association of Home Builders. It’s a great time of year to be outside, so take some time to enjoy the weather and accomplish these tasks.  You will rest easy knowing your home will benefit from the TLC.

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1.   Inspect the roof, keep the gutter and downspouts clean. Your roof should be inspected by a qualified roofer every three years.  If you have skylights, the same rule applies.  A huge benefit of new construction is the warranty that comes with the home, should you have problems with your room.  To ensure that water is flowing properly away from your house and leaks are avoided, clean any leaves or debris from your gutters and downspouts—you’d be amazed at how quickly they can clog!

2.   Keep an eye on exterior windows and doors.  Most new construction homes are equipped with energy saving features like low-e windows and maximum insulation and sealing.  Inspect your exterior and windows annually to make sure you’re maximizing the benefits of these great energy-saving elements. Keep an eye on the caulking to spot any splits or cracks, if you spot them replace the caulk.  If your windows are looking worse for the wear try combining equal parts vinegar and water, or three tablespoons of denatured alcohol/quart of warm water to clean them easily.  Using a crumpled up piece of newspaper will eliminate any potential lint that might be left by a paper towel.  If your windows are catching as you open and close them try rubbing the channel with a piece of paraffin to help them slide more easily.

3.   Spruce up your siding.   If you have vinyl, you have the ultimate in low-maintenance siding!  If you have wood or Hardie Plank you need to inspect your siding yearly to determine if it is need of repainting.  Keep shrubbery trimmed so it is not touching the siding.  While the exterior of the home is designed to withstand weather, try pressure washing it for a new clean appearance and to prolong the life of your exterior home products.   If you’re feeling adventurous look into renting a pressure washer. If you’d prefer to leave it in the hands of a professional, ask around your new neighborhood for recommendations of a quality, affordable pressure-washing service.

4.   Oil your garage door. If you opted for an automatic garage door opener be sure to oil the moving parts of the garage doors approximately every three months.

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Tagged as: Home Maintenance

Categories: The Guide  

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