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Why the Holidays Can Be a Good Time to Buy a New Home in Charleston SC area

November 28, 2017

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A new home probably isn’t at the top of your shopping list for the holidays. Normally, we think of spring as “real estate season.”  While the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s tends to be busy, it might also be worth-while to include looking for a new home onto your schedule of festivities.  The experts at Realtor.com have laid out a few good reasons why:

  1. Less competition from other home buyers. Most of your fellow new home shoppers are likely busy with typical holiday activities like decorating, attending parties and readying their homes for out-of-town guests.  This means there are less potential buyers touring new neighborhoods and writing new home purchase agreements during the holiday season. This results in less competition for particular homes and ensures you’ll get the full attention of the onsite sales counselor.  This also leads to the second point…
  2. Motivated sellers.  Despite this drop in activity, new home builders still have available homes that they are eager to sell—this could translate to worthwhile savings for you.  For builders that operate their budget on a calendar year, it is not uncommon for them to have move-in ready homes that they want off of their books by year end.  This results in great deals for new home buyers.   Who needs the scramble of Black Friday when you can save big on one of the largest investments you’ll ever make?
  3. Tax advantages.  Particularly if this will be your first new home, you might not be aware of some the great advantages of home ownership that boost its appeal as an investment.  You can deduct your mortgage insurance, your property taxes and some of your closing fees. The newest passed version of the GOP proposed tax plan allows up to $10,000 in tax deductions for property taxes and up to $500,000 in mortgage interest.  The sooner you close on your new home, the sooner you’ll be able to take advantage of these tax benefits.
  4. A realistic picture of what you’re buying.  While the winter months in Charleston boast some pretty good weather, it’s true that the grass isn’t quite as green and colorful blooms aren’t adding that extra pop of color.  You’re essentially seeing what your home looks like without make-up… Imagine what a nice surprise it will be in the spring to see your home in beautiful weather and with a lush yard. It can also be a good time of year for home inspectors to spot issues specific to the cold that they might miss during the summer months.
  5. Increased options and accessibility to professionals As we mentioned, this time of year often slows down in real estate world which makes a lot of typically busy professionals more available.  This is true of realtors, inspectors, movers and mortgage brokers.  Chances are you’ll get extra great service as these individuals and companies will be particularly grateful for your business.


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Tagged as: Home Buying Info

Categories: The Guide  

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